Finland Prime Minister Sanna Marine to implement a 4day workweek as law.


FINLAND — Finland’s 34-year-old Prime Minister is set to establish new rules limiting the workweek to 4 days a week and no more than 6 hours a day.
Sanna Marin wants workers to spend more time with their families.
She has been Finland’s Prime Minister for less than a month and she says the move toward greater flexibility is driven by several things.
First she says it allows Finlandians to spend more time with their families and experiencing culture.
It’s also designed to increase productivity.
Neighboring Sweden tried this back in 2015 as a trial and found that employees were happier, wealthier and more productive as a result.
Microsoft tried this in Japan last summer in a bid to improve work life balance.
They found productivity soared nearly 40 percent, even with workers spending less time in the office.
Finland is among the first countries to implement it as a rule.

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