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NDC’s 24-Hour Economy Policy Is A Scam – Richard Ahiagbah

The National Communication Office of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), Richard Ahiagbah says, the 24-hour economy promise by the National Democratic Congress (NDC) is a scam meant to hoodwink Ghanaians.

According to the NPP chief spokesperson, Ghanaians should not be swayed by the policy as it is meant to mislead them.

He said, the NDC must first tell Ghanaian how they intend to manage the already existing 12-hour economy.

Richard Ahigbah believes the 24- hour economy is a ploy by the NDC to give Ghanaians fake confidence.

Read his statement Below

The so-called 24-hour economy being piped by the NDC is quackery. Ghana, let’s not be misled by the fake confidence with which the NDC talks about the 24-hour economy because it is the biggest scam in policy promise on record anywhere. The NDC must tell Ghanaians their plan to manage the 12-hour economy.

Answering the 12-hour economy question is fundamental because the 24-hour economy grows on the 12-hour economy. It is like anything in life: you start before you finish. In other words, you cannot win a race you did not start. It is also said that you cannot reap where you have not sown.

So, let’s start the conversation, NDC, tell us your plan for the 12-hour economy. Let Ghana assess your vision on the 12-hour economy, and you would not have to explain the 24-hour economy with the characteristic fake confidence.

We are waiting……



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Gh News Today
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