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Krobea Kwabena Asante Writes : Former President Mahama’s ‘Over The Bar” Solution To Black Stars Woes

Who has been advising former President Mahama on sports and football matters? Clearly, either the person belongs to the stone age of football, or does not understand football and how modern football clubs and national teams operate.

I was shocked to hear former President Mahama, on what he described as his solutions to the decline of the Black Stars. According to the former President, he will ensure that the Black Stars will be built on mostly local players with a few additions from our foreign-based players to make the team great again. Former President Mahama, goes on to add that the local players will be allowed to stay in Ghana and play together so that they will know themselves very well. Funny, isn’t it?

Obviously, both former President Mahama and his sports advisors have lost touch with reality of Ghana football, and how the system operates legally. Mr. Mahama is clearly not aware that gone are the amateur football days when Kwame Nkrumah selected the best local players into the Republicans, to represent the nation. Even then, the Republicans was NOT a national team, but a club, which participated in the local league!

In 2024, when professional contracts rule and footballers have rights of movements and choice, how is former President Mahama going to enforce local players stay in Ghana, so that they can form the nucleus of the Black Stars?

At a time when local Ghanaian players jump at every opportunity to leave the league and join leagues in Iraq, Somalia, Niger, Ethiopia, etc, who are offering better contracts, Mahama thinks Ghanaian players will stay because of Black Stars? Is Mr. Mahama aware that even the local Black Stars, which is made up of only players from the local league, gets depleted always due to the exodus of local players to foreign leagues? The local Black Stars have been under-performing too and I am wondering what will be Mahama’s solution.

Somebody should tell Mr. Mahama that when it comes to national teams, it is always an assembly of the best Ghanaian players, regardless of where they play. Foreign-based and local players are all Ghanaians, whose selection to the national team is the exclusive preserve of the coach, and must be on merit.

Former President Mahama’s solution to the woes of the Black Stars is completely over the bar, as is said in football. It is akin to prescribing paracetamol to someone suffering diarrhoea. Even the most ardent NDC members of the football fraternity will privately laugh at his suggestion.

It is practically not possible to implement Mahama’s proposal, which is just a mere political rhetoric, because it is not a solution to the problem.


Gh News Today
Gh News Today
Kwaku Opoku-Dame is the Chief Editor of, and he is based in Tema, Ghana. Kwaku holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Studies (Journalism major) from the Ghana Institute of Journalism.


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