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7 Types Of Women You Should Never Marry

Marriage is one of the transitions in life that most people will make at some point in their lives. Especially to women, marriage is a big deal. It is almost time bound or time-framed. It is almost as if marriage is biologically ordained.

The importance of marriage perhaps takes credence from the religious roots. For Christians, its enshrined in the Holy Bible. It is no different from the other book I believe.

Some women take marriage as way of settling, others place a major emphasis as its forms the basis of reproduction and procreation. For others, it’s a form of prestige, almost a show off.

It is therefore not difficult to come by some admonitions to women such as, ”marry right”, “marry a rich man” or “don’t settle for less”.

In some traditions, marry is the preserve of women, it is that institution was created for them. But it could be understood. After all, they benefit the most in marriage.

So, could marriage benefit men in anyway? Well, this article seeks to probe into some way through which marriage can be beneficial to men.

While some women could be blessing to their partners in marriage, others could become a burden and an albatross to the sanity of men.

For men, here are some 7 types of women you should avoid marrying if you to have a successful marriage and a happy home.

Materialistic women

Perhaps it forms part of their biological make-up, most women want to have a lot of everything and sometimes do it to a fault. Marrying such a woman would only mean a constant drain on your pocket. These women also never seem to get satisfied and as could be liable for compromised when they could get what they want elsewhere.

Promiscuous woman flirting with many men

For your sanity’s sake, never marry a promiscuous woman. She would drive you crazy and almost to the point of questioning yourself. Just like Promiscuous women, flirtatious women are never trustworthy. Women who flirt and don’t see anything wrong are candidates for promiscuity and such woman cannot be marriage materials.

A woman who likes to be in control

Another type of women every man should never marry are the type that would always want to be in control. Such women could be domineering, controlling, bossy and dictatorial. While every man wants her woman to be submissive, some women exhibit disrespectful and rude attitude which could be a put off for men. Men who are not in control lose confident, and almost don’t enjoy their home.

A woman who is blinded by jealousy

Jealousy could be deadly. Especially when it in the hands of a desperate woman. A woman who is blinded by jealous is timed bomb. A woman, when in love put in her all, she gives  everything and as such could become overly protective. This character trait is not only distasteful to men, it could lead to unhappy homes. Since women are naturally emotional being, when they exhibit jealous, they cannot be trusted.

A lazy woman

One of the put off for men are women who are lazy. If a woman is lazy, she cannot manage her home. With women being the best managers of home, marrying a lazy woman would always leave your home unkept. As a man, this could leave you frustrated and lead to quarrels and constant misunderstanding in the home. Avoid such women by all means.

A woman who spends money without restraint

One of the best qualities of women are that they are good managers of money. It is for this reason that they are mostly the good managers of the home. It is therefore a blessing to marry a woman who can manage money and make good use of the little available. A woman who is extravagant and wasteful should therefore be avoided by all means. Not only would she waste money, she won’t be good enough for home management.

Harsh type of woman

To maintain your sanity, and enjoy marriage life avoid woman who are harsh in their dealings. Such a woman lack self-control and are emotionally vulnerable. Marrying such women could be a tough ride. This is because, men enjoy serene and quite environment. Marrying a woman who is loud and harsh could lead you to have constant fight and disagreement in marriage. It could also drive you out of the house as you wont enjoy home as you should.



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