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Don’t vote on ethnic lines – Queenmother to citizens

Ghana will not make any meaningful progress if the citizens continue to vote on ethnic lines and for monetary gains, the Queenmother of Bake Clan of Ho Bankoe, Mama Bobi III, has said.

She said until the citizens stopped voting “on the basis of who shares the most money, who is my tribes man, I will not vote for her because she is a woman,” development would continue to elude the country.

Mama Bobi was speaking as part of activities of the National Commission for Civic Education (NCCE) to mark this year’s Constitution Day in the Volta Region.

The Queenmother said Ghanaian voters were a true reflection of the people we voted into power.


Mama Bobi said the call for the review of the 1992 Constitution was in place to meet the changing needs of society and to ensure the laws were up-to-date with the times.

She added that 31 years ago when the 1992 Constitution became enforceable, artificial intelligence (AI) was not an issue in law and other sectors of the economy, but today, it was necessary to have the laws reflect current happenings.

She added that the significance of the Constitution Day should remind the citizens that the country was governed by law and every citizen had the duty of being law-abiding and knowing his or her rights and responsibilities under the law.

Mama Bobi said refocusing discussions on very important issues were necessary to have a successful Constitution Review process, free from making amendments due to hatred and disagreements with a particular person or people in power.

The essence of the review should be focused on the general good and help solve the numerous national problems rather than pettiness.

The Volta Regional Director of the NCCE, Kenneth Kponor, said the commitment of all citizens to maintain the peace before, during, and after the 2024 general election was very necessary as the country observed this year’s Constitution Day.

Mr Kponor added that 31 years of sustaining the 4th Republican Constitution had been the contribution of all citizens, and the benefits of enjoying stable foreign investments and others due to stable constitutional democracy must be the pride of all Ghanaians.



Gh News Today
Gh News Today
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