Monday, October 18, 2021

Even If Your Father Is Killed By Akufo-Addo, You Will Find A Way To Blame Mahama- Paul Adom Otchere told

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A political commentator and a member ofthe National Democratic Congress
(NDC) Vincent Yao, has expressed his displeasure with award Winning media journalist and current host of the Good evening Ghana show that airs on Metro Tv, Paul Adom Otchere.
According to him, he does not understand why Paul Adom Otchere, finds a way to blame former president John Dramani Mahama for everything that’s going on in this country.
He revealed that, Even if the father of Paul Adom Otchere is killed and there is evidence that, Akufo-Addo killed him, Paul Adom Otchere will still find a way to blame former president John Dramani Mahama.
He made this comment on Friday 25th June 2021.
He was reacting to the analysis made by Paul Adom Otchere on the $170 million judgement debt Ghana had being slapped with by the court of London.
According to Paul Adom Otchere, if anyone is to be blamed for the $170 million debt, it’s John Dramani Mahama’s government who should be blamed. He disclosed that, Mahama and his government signed the contract and included all those beneficiary clauses to the GPGC company.

He revealed that, all what Akufo-Addo’s government did was to terminate the contract because they saw that Ghana did not need the power supply the company wanted to supply to government.
However,  the state Attorneys of Ghana appointed by Akufo-Addo’s government failed to represent the country well especially when there was a period for the country to challenged the judgment.
They presented the court with excuses for failing to file their challenge and as a result of that, government of Ghana was slapped with the $170 million Judgement debt.
One could say that, the judgement debt could have being avoided if the Attorney General, Godfred Yeboah Dame had given proper attention to it rather than neglecting it.

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