Sunday, August 1, 2021

“I Will Not Be Like Nana Addo”, A JHS Student Says In His Manifesto Vying For Position(Video)

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A student vying for a position as School Boy’s Perfect in a Junior High School hilariously drags his audience ‘crazy’ with his choice of words while reading his plan of action to entice his colleagues to vote for him to represent the students as the Boys Prefect.
The unidentified young boy while giving his speech indicated that he will not be like his excellency President Akufo-Addo, but instead he will keep his promises.
According to him president Akufo-Addo before coming into power told Ghanaians he build one district, one factory but that didn’t happen.
He therefore assured his colleagues that when he is voted into power, he shall not follow the footsteps of the president of Ghana.
“Fellow students as we can all remember when President Nana Akufo-Addo was about to be voted into power, he promised that, One District One Dam, One District One Factory but he didn’t do it.
I will not be like Nana, so vote for me and all that I’m going to say shall come to pass.
Mr Chairman if I’m voted into power, I will make sure the school campus will be neat at all time and make sure students come to school early”, he read.
This video has been trending since it broke up, the question everybody is asking is that , was the manifesto written for him to read or his own plan and choice of words?
We are all entitled to free speech, and we will continue to speak about both opposition and government.
If any of them go wrong, noisy journalists and babies with sharp teeth do not have the sole responsibility to that, every Ghanaians can do same on social media.
I urge you to kindly leave your opinions and follow my channel for more updates.

Watch video below;

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