Thursday, September 23, 2021

Man Predict Points President Nana Addo Is Likely To Say In His Speech Tonight.

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Today, the 31st Of January 2021 would be the last day the president of the Republic of Ghana would speak to the people of Ghana in the month of January. 

The president earlier today through various platforms has announced his intention to speak on matters regarding the novel corona virus that is vast spreading in the country for that matter, the world, for second time. 

This second wave has however been taken likely by Ghanaian although the media is doing their possible best to make known how deadly this second wave is.

One other thing that has made the second wave more deadly is the fact that, scientists have announced that, there has been a discovery of a new variant of the novel corona virus that seem to be more transmittable and deadly.

This variant has found its way into our midst as Ghanaians. 

In the last Address to the nations given by the president of Ghana, he indicated measures being taken by the government and also ordered the police to Up their game, in making sure that measures put in place by the government such as wearing of mask is being adhered to.

However, many Ghanaians have offered so many ideas on what to do to curb the virus whiles others have called on the government to call for another lockdown.

 Ghnewstoday, on twitter have also predicted some of the notable points the President is likely to raise. 

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